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Q: Do I have to ‘join’ an alliance to access their CPD and support?

Absolutely not. Teaching School Alliances are not closed clubs. Schools from across the county and beyond are welcome to access any of the training or support without signing up for any kind of official partnership.

Q: Can I work with more than one alliance at once?

Of course! We work closely with each other and recognise that different schools may want to access different forms of support from different groups. Some schools may attend a lot of CPD with one alliance but have a close ITT relationship with another.

Q: Does membership of a Teaching School Alliance lead to academisation and the formation of a MAT?

Absolutely not. Teaching school alliances are soft partnerships, that all schools in all settings and context can benefit from. Working with a teaching school is in no way a pre-cursor to a more formal partnership. Some alliances contain multiple MATS and LA Maintained Schools. All co-exist quite happily!

Q: How long will Teaching Schools be around for, aren’t they just another passing fad?

Nothing in education is certain, however teaching schools are guaranteed core funding until 2019.

Q: What is the relationship between Gloucestershire’s eight Teaching Schools and Gloucestershire Local Authority?

In Gloucestershire we are very lucky to have retained a strong LA. Relationships between the teaching schools and the LA are very strong, with the LA sitting on many teaching school strategic boards. We are proud to be increasingly working together in partnership.

Q: Don’t only schools graded RI or put in Special Measures need to engage with School to School Support?

No! Many Good or Outstanding Schools will work with a system leader on current areas of focus, this is part of what keeps them Good or Outstanding….

Q: What provision is there for very small schools with small CPD budgets?

Many teaching school alliances are keen to support small schools who may otherwise find it hard to access CPD etc. Please contact individual providers and ask them how they may be able to help with the financial cost of attendance.