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Building Success Through Collaboration



The Role of Teaching Schools

The following description of the role of Teaching Schools is adapted from an article on the gov.uk website.

Launched in 2011, there are now almost 700 teaching schools across the country. Their role is to work with others to provide high-quality training and support for school improvement in their local area.

Teaching schools lead in 6 areas:

Delivering school-led initial teacher training (ITT),including School Direct     
Providing tailored
continuing professional developmentto staff across their alliances
Supporting other schools, usually working with a school or academy in challenging circumstances to bring about improvement
Identifying and
developing future leaders
Recruiting and managing
specialist leaders of education: outstanding middle and senior leaders who develop leaders in other schools
Building on existing research and sharing new
research and development

Increasingly not all teaching schools work in all areas, however most have a focus on ITT, CPD and School improvement work. To become a teaching school, a school must be judged outstanding and have a proven track record of delivering ITT and supporting other schools.

All teaching schools form alliances between themselves, their partners and the schools they support. Partner organisations vary, but often include a higher education institution and often other schools and local authorities. Some schools belong to multiple alliances and networks, this is seen as a positive.

Alliances offer more than the sum of their parts. Their strength lies in all of the schools and staff in the alliance and the skills and experience they bring - alliance can be the ‘glue for purposeful collaboration’. When they are created, the structure of alliances varies depending on the local situation: some are led by a single school, others by multiple schools or partnerships. Increasingly Teaching School Alliances also work collaboratively together, as exemplified by the creation of the Gloucestershire Teaching School Alliance Network.

Further information on the role of Teaching Schools can be found on The Teaching School Council Website