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Building Success Through Collaboration



Who Are We?

Gloucestershire Teaching School Alliance Network represents all eight of Gloucestershire’s Teaching School Alliances:


As a network we meet together formally 4 times a year, in addition to facilitating more regular and informal communication between Teaching School Leads on an almost weekly basis.

Our network has the following key aims:

Represent the collective interests of all Teaching School Alliances in Gloucestershire.

Identify need across the county, particularly in the areas of CPD and School Improvement and try and co-ordinate Teaching School work appropriately, avoiding duplication or unnecessary competition.

Identify opportunities for Teaching Schools to work collaboratively to facilitate county wide programmes e.g. Gloucestershire RQT Programme.

Provide a support network for Teaching School Leads.

Promote collaboration between Teaching Schools and other providers of support in the region, providing a forum for the sharing of information.

Hold one centralised database of all NLES, LLEs and SLEs in the county.

Educate Schools and Head Teachers across the county about the work of teaching schools and the ongoing and changing role of teaching schools in the school-led system.

Act as centralised information point for schools looking to work with a Teaching School, but who are unsure of where to go or who feel overwhelmed by the number of alliances and the choice on offer.

In particular we work closely with Gloucestershire Local Authority, GITEP and Adfecto to try and ensure the best possible outcomes for students and schools across the region. We believe firmly that collaboration between schools, Teaching School Alliances and organisations (rather than competition) is the key to raising standards for all.